Patient Testimonials

“I may not have all my teeth, but I sure have more than I thought I would at my age! Thanks to all of you for being such an understanding crew!”


“Thank you for all your kindness to me through the years.”


“I am still reveling in my renewed confidence thanks to you! Each and every one of you has a very special place in my heart for all that you have done for me!”


“Thank you for your good work on my teeth today and for your perfectly painless injections.”


“Thank you for your help. Your positive attitude, interest in the patients, honesty and confidence are gifts. Working with your staff has been nothing but a pleasure”


“My warmest thank you for a perfect bridge. It feels so perfectly natural and comfortable. You are a genius— no doubt about it. I join Vernon in congratulating you for a splendid office staff. Each member is friendly and professional and capable. We are grateful for all you do for us.”


“Thank you so much for your hustle in getting me in on such short notice so that an impression could be made for my crown replacement. Your professionalism and care are exemplary and most appreciated.”


“Just a note to tell you that I am very happy to be under the care of your hygienist. Last week was the second time I had seen her and it confirmed my first impression: she is one of the best you have ever had in your office doing that work: careful, thorough and painless. Who could ask for more? All of your office staff are outstanding too!”


“I have three beautiful new teeth that were done on time with no problems and the most care and attention to detail I’ve witnessed in a dental chair. For me, selecting a dentist to place and restore my implants was a simple case of liability of who is responsible if something goes wrong. I also asked for a total “all in” cost from start to finish and Dr. Goll was fine with giving me a firm total from start to finish.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Goll for almost 2 years … he is just about the nicest dentist ever! His chair side manner is wonderful — he has a great sense of humor and at the same time is totally professional. I’ve sadly had to get dentures made and I’m so happy Dr. Goll is the one in charge. I’m currently in the process of getting my permanent upper denture and he is very precise when it comes to the fitting process…it has to be perfect…and that’s a good thing! I’ve heard horror stories of people who get dentures that don’t fit and they are stuck…my temporary denture was perfect and so I know the permanent denture will also be perfect!”


“I have been a patient in Dr. Goll‘s practice for well over a year undergoing major work. Dr. Goll and his staff are both very professional and extremely patient—oriented. This was particularly evident when fitting dentures. The byword of this practice is most certainly patient comfort and understanding. The procedure alternatives including pricing were clearly set out and explained before the work started another very positive experience.”


“Nobody likes the dentist, myself included, but I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Goll. Not only did he give me excellent implants, his office environment was friendly and convenient and the staff was very outgoing and personable. I know a lot of people worry about pricing when it comes to dental work. I shopped around a lot before getting a recommendation from a friend for Dr. Goll. I found his prices very reasonable for the quality of dental work that I received.”


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Goll for about seven years now and I’ve had nothing but great care from him. I started seeing him after I had a recurring problem filling with my previous dentist. Dr. Goll took care of it and it hasn’t been an issue since. The staff is also wonderful; they create a friendly and warm environment that’s very comforting. I highly recommend him!”


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Goll for 15 years — found him after doing a search for someone with experience with crowns (I still have 2 baby teeth) and I was impressed with his office manager who really was able to make a good case about why he’s a great dentist. And my experience has confirmed everything she told me way back when. He is in the Medical Dental Building a couple days a week and the other days up in Crown Hill. I’ve had positive experiences at both offices. He is sensitive to budgetary concerns, unfailing friendly, and genuinely cares about his patients and concerns.”


“Dr. Goll is a great dentist. He is very warm and friendly and my trips to his office are always pleasant. The staff is also very kind and helpful. I am confident that I am in good hands when I visit Dr. Goll and I fully recommend his services without any reservations.”


“Dr. Goll was very good to me. I was especially concerned about payment and he and his staff worked out a very reasonable payment plan for me by extending Care Credit interest free so that I could pay for my treatment over several months! I was appreciative that they were so accommodating. This allowed me to receive the treatment I really wanted— two implants which have turned out fantastically. The surgery was painless and my recovery speedy. Thank you for such a positive experience!”


“From the moment I arrived for my appointment with Dr. Goll, I knew that I had made the right choice selecting my dentist. The office is neat and attractive, the equipment is up to date, and the staff is very friendly and comforting. I’d had dental anxieties in the past, but I now find I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Goll. The atmosphere in the office is very welcoming and lighthearted. Dr. Goll listens to my concerns, addresses my needs, and the work that he does always exceeds my expectations.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Goll since my early teens. Recently I decided to get in—office bleaching, a cosmetic procedure to make my ‘beautiful’ smile that much better. I was very satisfied with the results. The staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Goll to anyone who needs a dentist for dentures, implants, cosmetic dentistry or simply general dentistry!”