Osseo-Integrated Implant Bridges

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What is an Osseo-Integrated Implant Bridge?

Seattle Dentist Offers Osseo-Integrated Implant Bridges

An osseo-integrated implant bridge (OIB) is a prosthetic device that is used in conjunction with dental implants to replace a complete upper or lower arch. You and Dr. Goll will decide the size, shape and color of the teeth you would like once sufficient healing time has occurred prior to it being fabricated by a lab. Once the appropriate steps have been taken and the lab has processed the final product, Dr. Goll uses special implant tools to fix the OIB to the implants previously placed. An option for patients who need an entire arch restored but who do not want something removable such as an overdenture, an OIB is a great choice.

Who is a candidate for an OIB?

Possible candidates for an osseo-integrated implant bridge are patients:

  • Interested in a permanent set of teeth that do not have to be taken out at night
  • That are candidates for implants and implant-related restorations
  • That do not want a denture
  • Those having suffered severe trauma and feel they are ‘too young’ to wear dentures
  • Those with significant loss of bone and/or tooth structure


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